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Our vision

The benefit of a sport psychologist in your everyday physical sport is not an uncommon sight. However, did you know that a sport psychologist can also benefit teams and athletes in the eSports scene?

Gamers face the same challenges and overcome the same obstacles as physical athletes do in any other sport. How to overcome performance anxiety, set the right goals, obtain the proper mindset, constructive communication and getting in your flow of the game.

We from Thought Control are here to provide the eSports athletes of the future the psychological support that they need to keep on performing at the top of their game. Through our combined experience in psychology, coaching (inter)national teams and performing on international stages. We create and offer specific training programs and individual personalised coaching tracks designed for eSports athletes.


In short

We are a Dutch based coaching and training organisation operating from the city of Eindhoven. From here we support national and international eSports teams to keep performing at the highest levels possible.

We believe that sportspsychology is just as important in the eSports scene as it is in the regular sports scene



Head coaches



Tom Vijgenboom

A gamer and an Applied Psychologist from the Netherlands with a passion and deep interest for everything that connects humans and technology.

As a Psychologist, Tom is specialised in the guidance and counselling of adolescents and adults in both a directive and a nondirective fashion. Having worked together with the World Champions (2013-2015), the Dutch Solar Team from the Technical University in Eindhoven he has obtained insight in how top high-performance teams function and what a psychologist can add to achieve and maintain the best possible.

He combines his experience as a coach and psychologist with his passion for gaming. As a veteran MOBA and League of Legends player he decided that he wants to contribute more to its professional scene. Using his experience and knowledge together with his passion it drives him to achieve the best possible. This reflects in his attitude and in his work, he aims to get the best out of himself and that of the people he works with.



B.Sc Applied Psychology
M.Sc Sociology
M.Res Demography - population studies


  • Moba specialist

    • League of legends

    • DOTA

  • Performance coaching

    • Game oriented teams

    • High performance corporate teams





Jean-Pierre Janssen

Also known as 'JiePie', is an Applied Psychologist as well as an avid competitive gamer who was born and raised in The Netherlands.

As a Psychologist, J.P. has invested in the Coaching and Training aspects of the branche. He has a degree in Sports & Performance Coaching and has experience in helping individual athletes develop themselves as well as working with teams to achieve their goals.

As a competitive gamer, JiePie has participated in tons of offline tournaments both on a national and international level, investing in fast paced first person shooters like Quake, Unreal Tournament and Shootmania. The latter of which he played on the highest level achievable, earning a world championship title in the United States while playing for eSports organisation Fnatic.

Using the combined experience as both a psychologist and a professional gamer, J.P. wants to guide aspiring teams and athletes to achieve their best performance, and once there, to keep performing at their best.



B.Sc Applied Psychology
Specialized in sports and performance coaching


  • Shootmania world champion (Fnatic)

  • Shooters

    • Overwatch

    • Unreal Tournament

    • Quake