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My experiences with Thought Control are really positive. As an inexperienced coach of a recently founded eSports team, I have learned a lot I never could have learned on my own.

Knowledge about communication between coach and team, efficient teaching methods and smart time management were essential to my growth as a starting eSports coach.

Their guidance has helped me feel confident when performing on the live stage and has certainly improved our team’s performance.
— Rens 'Rentarou' van Kalken
Thought Control’s coaching greatly improved my communication skills, inside and outside of the game.

Thought Control has experience in both the fields of psychology and e-sports competition and are able to encorperate this into their coaching.

If you are an aspiring e-athlete looking to improve the way you think and communicatie ingame you should definitely look no further than Thought Control.
— Marc 'Vorpal' Van Meel